National Conference On
Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace, Defence (AMAD 2022) and other Engineering Sectors

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2nd July 2022

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Conference Theme

Additive manufacturing (AM) also known as 3D Printing being a novel and recently acquired techniques enables increased design freedom via layer-by-layer deposition of powder and having unique structural design features. These are not possible through conventional manufacturing route. AM enables economic production of low-volume engineering components that can be highly specialized. AM finds good lot of applications in defense, automotive and aerospace sectors. A reasonable amount of work has been reported regarding research and development activities in 3D printing, also known as rapid prototyping for achieving the improved properties in terms of strength, corrosion, wear residual stress and metallurgical characteristics. In the 3D printing technology, Direct Metal Layer Sintering (DMLS) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) processes are quite popular and widely used. The adoption of different input settings such as layer thickness, laser-scan speed and its orientation, types of powders are important to optimize the process parameters. However, AM has certain challenges such as component size, consistency in the product quality, limitations of scalability, usage of very few and expensive material powders and limited multi-material capabilities. Hence the conference addresses and discusses these challenges and issues with special focus for aerospace and defense industries. This program would immensely benefit the practicing engineers from the manufacturing industries, scientists and engineers from the R&D organizations, faculties, research scholars and students from academia as a part of problem-solving exercise as well as standardizing the input parameters for best properties and achieving reliability in the performance.


Additive manufacturing technologies are designed to provide a good transformation to produce parts/products to near net shape. The conference would serve as a platform for scientists, researchers, students, engineers from the manufacturing/production units, quality control departments of various industries, R & D organizations, education institutes from the point of learning exercise, gaining knowledge and discuss the challenges pertaining to AM by way of interactions and assimilation of facts. The conference primarily focuses on the technological challenges and advances in AM, residual stress induced during AM manufacturing, developing Indian standards for AM, repair technologies and exploring development of ecosystem in training and awareness of AM. Exhibition and demonstration of producing AM parts involving automation are planned with the participation of leading manufacturers and software companies.


AM Challenges and Advances in Design, manufacturing and product quality

Mitigation, measurements and management of Residual stress in AM process, Components

Computational, modeling and simulation of AM process, components and structures.

3D Printing and Space Exploration

Special Applications.

Evolving standards for AM production.

Eco system development for AM associated laboratories/ R&D institutes/Academia/Industries.

Call for Contributed Abstracts / Papers

The Participants/persons are invited to submit an abstract of their original work. This will be reviewed by the expert panel. The selected abstract shall be presented as oral paper and also planned to publish in the special issue of a leading journal covered by science citation Index (Scopus Index, Google Index with IESSA number). The one page abstract may be sent to the E- mail Id: ndrfncamad2022@gmail.com. The articles are invited from the practicing engineers, research scientists, academicians, research scholars and students. The merited papers presented in the conference attract prizes / awards. The guidelines / formats may be downloaded from the link also it is provided in the website: https://ndrf.res.in/nc.html. The last date for submission of full papers is provided in the website https://ndrf.res.in/nc.html along with the paper template.


Scientists / Engineers from Industries and R&D Institutes, Research Scholars and Students are encouraged to send abstracts.


Participants / delegates are required to register for the Conference by filling an application available in the website (www.ndrf.res.in). The registration fee details are given below.

Persons from Industries and National R &D Organizations : Rs. 1000/-
IEI and Conference Associating Member : Rs. 500/-
Research Scholar / Faculty / Student : Rs. 100/-

"The E - Certificates will be issued to the registered participants/delegates". Registration may be done through the link provided in the website, which also covers payment option.


The conference provides a good platform for Government Organizations, R&D Institutions, Automotive / Aerospace / Defense / Railways / Energy sectors including equipment manufacturers to interact and exchange ideas/views. The organizing committee extends invitation to sponsor this important National event in the form of kit, printing of proceedings etc.

Gold Sponsors Rs.1,00,000/- 10 Delegates complementary + Display of logo + full page Advt.+ 15 min presentation slot
Silver Sponsors Rs. 50,000/- 5 Delegates complementary + Display of logo + Half page Advt. + 15 min presentation slot

Important Dates

One Page Abstract submission : 25-06-2022
Acceptance of Abstract : 29-06-2022
Last date for Registration : 01-07-2022


"Cheque/DD should be drawn in favour of The Institution of Engineers (India) – A/c NDRF”, payable at Bengaluru.

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Bank : State Bank of India
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National Advisory Committee

Chairman: Dr. Hemant O Thakare President, The Institution of Engineers (India)
Co-Chairman: Dr. P. Raghothama Rao Chairman, NDRF (Ex. DRDO)

Conference Chairman

Dr. S. Seetharamu, Director, NDRF (Ex CPRI)

Conference Co - Chairs

Dr. P. Sampathkumaran, NDRF (Ex. CPRI, SaIT)
Dr. J. R. Nataraj, RVCE (NDRF)

Conference Conveners

Mr. B. S. Sankar Reddy, NDRF
Mr. Mohammed Aejaz Tumkur, NDRF


Organizing Committee

Dr. Ing. B. V. A Rao, (Retd.) NDRF, (Ex. IITM & VIT Mr. A. Manjunath, DRDO
Lt. Gen. (Dr.) V. J. Sundaram,(Retd.) NDRF, (Ex. DRDO) Dr. Shubhashisa Sahoo, DRDO
Padmashree Prof. R.M. Vasagam, NDRF (Ex. ISRO) Dr. S. Anandkumar, IIT Jammu
Dr. K. Ramachadra, NDRF (Ex. GTRE) Dr. V. Rajkumar, IIT Jammu
Dr. N. R. Shetty, NMIT Dr. K. Senthilkumaran, IITDM
Dr. P. Ramesh Narayanan, VSSC Mr. S. Vynatheya, Ex CPRI
Dr. M. N. Channabasappa, SIT Mr. M. G. Ananda Kumar, CPRI
Dr. P. Ramesh Narayanan, VSSC (ISRO) Mr. K. V. Srinivasan, NDRF
Dr. Satyam Suwas, IISc Dr. K. Jitendra Kumar, SRMIST
Dr. V. Dillibabu, GTRE (DRDO) Mr. R. Vijayakrishna, NDRF
Er. M. Nagaraj, IEI (Ex. NDRF) Dr. H. N. Narashima Murthy, RVCE
Dr. S.S Kale, CEMILAC, (DRDO) Dr. B. Krishna, RVCE
Dr. Naga Hanumaiah, CMTI Dr. N. S. Narahari, RVCE
Dr. U. Chandrashekar, WIPRO Dr. J. Sudheer Reddy, NMIT
Dr. J Ramkumar, IIT Kanpur Dr. H.R. Purushothama, SIT
Dr. K. Venkateswarulu, NAL Dr. U. R. Mallikarjun, SIT
Mr. P. Srinivasa Rao, LPSE, (ISRO) Dr. Prasanth Banakar, JECT
Dr. P. V. Venkatakrishnan, Ex. ISRO Dr.R. Seetharamaiah, SaIT
Dr. M. T. Shyam Sunder, Ex. G.E.Global (NDRF) Dr. D. Sethuram, PESIT
Dr. Dheepa Srinivasan, Pratt & Whiteny (Ex. G.E.Global) Dr. Pradeep Badiger, NMIT
Dr. K. S. Sridhar, PES University (IWS) Mr. Prakash Hegde, Greenotronix
Dr. K. N. Subramanya, RVCE Mr. Harish V. ASM Digital Engineering Pvt Ltd.
Dr. H. C. Nagaraj, NMIT Dr. Mallikarjuna. B. Amrita VVP
Dr. Reeba Korah, Alliance University Mr. D. Pradeesh Kumar, CEMILAC ( DRDO)
Mr. S. Sankarnarayanan, NDRF Mr. Dinesh. P, Sri Krishna Institute of Technology
Dr. S. V. Dinesh, SIT
Dr. G. N. Mohan Babu, BMSIT&M
Dr. K. Mahesha, SKIT
Dr. H. G. Chandrakanth, SaIT
Mr. S. Sankarnarayanan, NDRF
Dr. R. Chandrashekar, SaIT(Ex. FCI)
Mr. S.A Upadhyaya, IIPE (Ex. HMT)
Dr. Srikanth Bontha, NITK
Dr. Prof. Helmut Wolf, Q NET
Mr. Narendra Dube, DUCOM
Mr. Y. Balaramaiah, AMTTF
Dr. C. V. Ravishankar, SaIT

Conference Secretariat

Technical Committee

National Design and Research Forum Dr. V. Bincy, BMSIT & M
The Institute of Engineers (India) Dr. N B Vikram , RVCE
#3, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Mr. A. R. Vinod, CMTI
Bengaluru - 560 001 Dr. R. Ranganatha, SJCIT
Email : ndrf85@gmail .com Dr. C. Siddaraju, RIT
ndrf@ieindia.org Dr. H. N. Reddapia, BIT
Website: www.ndrf.res.in Dr. L. Arulmani, Lean Consultant
Dr. K. G. Sagar, CIT
Dr. Vidyadhar Pujar, TOCE
Dr. B. V. Padmini, SaIT
Mr. L.C. Pradeep, SaIT
Mr. Shridhar Deshpande, SVCE
Mr. C. S. Chethan, ATRIA
Mr. N. Madhankumar, AMTTF
Mr. G. J. Naveen, VTU RS
Mr. R. Rajesh, GAT
Mr. Balakrishna Sake, DESCAN
Mr. R. Manjunath, DESCAN
Mr. N. H. Shreyas , RVCE
Mr. K.S. Shyam Sunder, Implyfree